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The Federation started the practice of bringing out every month its official organ “FAIASPDA BULLETIN” wherein day-do-day activities of its members and matters of interest relating to the Automobile Trade and Industry within the country and abroad are published. Federation also disseminates through this organ useful and important circulars relating to our trade and industry issued by the Government and semi-Government and other departments, copies of which are sent to all the dealer members affiliated to our Member-Associations throughout the country.

The Federation has been rendering assistance in offering liaison between the spare parts dealers and various Government bodies. It acts as a media to arrange imports of Motor Vehicle parts and bearings etc. between Member Associations and State Trading Corporation and/or other Government Organisations as also distribution of indigenous spare parts equitably in different parts of the country after negotiating with the All India Automobile & Ancillary Industries Association, (now ACMA), Mumbai.

The Presidents of the Federation were continued to be in various Councils and Committees formed by the Government like Development Council for Automobiles and Allied Industries etc. and others. Besides the Executives of the FAIASPDA are often invited to various meetings convened by the Central or State Governments. The Federation has also been often consulted by the various Government authorities with regard to various matters like custom duty, clearance of the consignments by Port authorities and Import and Exports etc.
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