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The Federation functions as per the rules and regulations framed under the Indian Companies Act, 1956. The main objects of FAISAPDA and its functions and services are as under :-

1. To enable the Motor, Scooter and Tractor Parts Dealers Associations located in various towns and cities of India, to become members of FAIASPDA.
2. To enable the dealers of motor parts, scooter parts and tractor parts etc. all over India, to federate and become members of Motor Vehicle Parts Associations within their area.
3. To promote and develop cooperation amongst the various Motor Scooter and Tractor Parts Dealers’ Associations located in different parts of the country.
4. To promote and develop cooperation between the Association of All India Automobile Manufactures. Automotive Component Mfrs. Association of India and thereby coordinate the activities of the three Associations.
5. To promote the consideration of all questions affecting the automobile, scooter and tractor parts trade and allied trades and generally to watch over and protect the interests of members.
6. To collect and defuse amongst the members information on all matters affecting the automobile spare parts trade and to print and publish, issue and circulate such papers, periodicals, books, circulars and other materials relevant, as may be seen conducive to any of these objectives.
7. To promote the distribution of products of ancillary industry through the dealers to all consumers throughout India by the members of the respective Member Associations.
8. To conduct Seminars, Conferences Symposia, Conventions, Lecturers and publish its official organ “FAIASPDA Bulletin” and make known to the public the activities of the Federation.
9. To provide to its members statistical information pertaining to automobile and allied trade and industry and keep the members informed regarding latest developments and information of the industry.
10. To be in close touch and establish liaison with various institutions and organizations and government bodies connected with the development of automobile industry and trade and to carry continuous dialogues with the Government.
11. To make representations, to lead delegations and to deal with the subjects that affects the automobile parts trade and industry and find ways and means of solving the problems and difficulties relating to subjects, like taxation import, export, procurement, distribution, road transport, industrial relation procedural delays, power supply etc.
12. To arbitrate for the speedy disposal of disputes and differences arising between members or with outsiders.
13. To assist young entrepreneurs establishing small scale ventures of auto ancillary items.
14. To do everything and any thing for and in the interest of the automobile parts trade.

It can, therefore, be observed that the Federation of All India Automobile Spare Parts Dealers Associations acts as a catalyst of harmonious relations between the motor parts trade on the one side and the automobile and ancillary, industry and the Government and the public on the other hand.
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